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The Art Of Speaking is the first ever Public Speaking Club for Youth. It’s a place where the youth have the opportunity to practice their public speaking skills and take the first step in facing their fear of standing in front of an audience.

Each Club has a minimum of 20 students and Runs for one and a half hour to two hours. Each child plays a role in the club whether it’s a Speakers role, an Evaluators role or Leadership role.

A speech club that will run annually for Children and Teenagers where they Learn, Polish and Practice their Public Speaking and Leadership Skills.

Here are the Top 5 benefits
of being part of this Club


Every Child has a story to tell. At The Art Of Speaking we will bring those stories to life. We will make your child tap their own potential and craft their story.

Then remind them of the confidence they are born with and instill them with Charisma. The Natural Leader in them with arise which will give them the freedom to express themselves fully. At the art of speaking we create the possibility of Transforming your child.



Hello Everyone, I am Yogesh Kapoor. Founder of The Art of Speaking Hong Kong. While Growing up I was a very shy kid. I would never like to come in front of the classroom or participate in any social activities. Infact I didn’t have the confidence to speak to up. This really effected me in my growing years as I always thought my opinion didn’t matter or I wasn’t good enough.

One day I decided to break this fear and I ran for student council president. I gave my first speech in front of 600 students. I won and was elected student council president. Not only I realized that I was a speaker but also a leader.

I believe many Youth and Adults need help in being able to speak in front of an audience. Most importantly as they grow they need to develop confidence in presenting their Ideas and leadership. Nowadays if you can’t speak up you get left behind and that can severely damage a person’s true potential.

I am a public speaker and train youth and adults to be able to speak in front of any audience. I have trained them one on one and also in group sessions. I also help company executives with their presentations and video conference skills.

Are you afraid to face an audience ? Do you believe that you are not able to give a great speech or presentation ? Contact us so we can help you become a more confident speaker and leader.’’



  • High School President of Student Council
    “Delia School of Canada”

  • President of Victoria Toastmasters Club

  • Secretary of Victoria Toastmasters Club Year

  • Vice President of Public Relations Victoria
    Toastmasters Club


  • Demo Speaker in Black Rock TMC
    Speechcraft at Standard Chartered TMC

  • Demo Speaker in Li and Fung TMC Youth leadership programme at Tung Wah Group of Schools

    One on One Training with Youth

  • MC for South China Morning Post EMBA and MBA post graduate festival 2016

    Youth Forum Jakarta 2016 Youth Workshop fear to fun 2016


  • Table Topics Club and Area Champion
    Humorous Speech Club, Area Champion

  • International Speech Contest Club and
    Area Champion, Division (1st Runner up)


  • Table Topics Speech : Club, Area, Division Champion
    International Speech : Club, Area, Division Champion
    Humorous Speech : Club, Area Champion, Division (1st Runner Up)
    Evaluation Speech : Club, Area Champion, Dvision (1st Runner Up)

  • Table Topics Speech : Club, Area Champion, Division (1st Runner Up)
    International Speech : Club, Area Champion, Division (1st Runner Up)
    Humorous Speech : Club, Area, Division Champion, District (1st Runner Up)


For Toastmasters Club Contests

For Performing Artiste Association (Asia) Arts and Speech Contest
2015 in February and October


I have had the pleasure of knowing Yogesh for many years now . I remember meeting him at his very first Toastmasters meeting and at that time he demonstrated a passion and desire to be a great speaker

He has certainly accomplished a great deal in his speaking and I believe he has great talents in passing on his knowledge and talents to others . I wish him luck in his coaching career .


Yogesh Kapoor is a one-of-a-kind teacher, speaker, leader and role model who gives his all to his students in the art of speaking and also demonstrates the wide spectrum of his gifts as a communicator on stage. I’m so lucky to have had a chance to work with Yogesh and I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to learn from a committed, multi-talented and brilliant teacher.

Cecilia Yeung
Business Results Ltd

My 7 year old daughter Tiana is a very shy girl and it impressed me to see her gain confidence in just 2 sessions with Mr.Yogesh. In fact, she is practicing all the techniques taught by Mr. Yogesh on her younger brother for Show and Tell sessions. He is an amazing teacher and very child friendly. I would highly recommend Mr. Yogesh for public speaking classes for kids.

Venny (Tiana's mom)

Yogesh very kindly delivered a few sessions of Youth Leadership Programme in our local secondary school. Students gained a lot in his sessions. He introduced the Public Speaking skills to them and helped them to develop their confidence. After giving them the basic foundation, he provided them a chance to discuss the concepts taught that enabled them to give 2 minute impromptu speeches. After the whole program finished, the students went on to participate in different public speaking contests and performed extremely well. Yogesh is a great leader, teacher and speaker and above all a kind hearted and caring person.

Aparna Sachar
Teacher In Tung Wah Group of Schools






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